Mr. Emmanuel Stephen Lekundayo (VIMA Project Manager)

Emmanuel joined LCMO - VIMA project in October 2018. He holds a BSc in Wildlife Management and Conservation, University of Nairobi. Previously, he worked for Southern Tanzania Elephant Program (STEP) as a research and education officer where he participated in field data collection, data analysis and elephant conservation advocacy. Emmanuel has also worked with a section of Tanzania parliamentarians (The Champions) in advocacy and policy lobbying. Emmanuel also loves wildlife photography.

Mr. Hans Cosmas Ngoteya (Chairman)

Hans has managed and developed the VIMA project since 2014. He holds a Diploma in Wildlife Management from College of African Wildlife Management (Mweka). He is inspired to educate communities about the importance of conservation and sustainable environmental practices, and anything that would fit in that category. He also has experience in wildlife photography and cinematography.

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