Volunteer with LCMO


We accept volunteer applications on a rolling basis. Responsibilities vary per shifting program needs but include a combination of the following
(all necessary training is provided):

  • Help to organize environmental education video in schools and in villages bordering Katavi National Park.

  • Work with Tanzanian staff to develop basic computer skills.

  • Help with outreach and fundraising activities.

  • Help with teaching environmental education to youth both in schools, and in informal outdoor settings.

  • To engage in social-cultural activities to create and promote value for live lions to the Sukuma communities around protected areas including the Katavi National Park.


There will be days when you are extremely busy and return to camp exhausted; there will also be days that are slow, when you will need use your own initiative to find things that need to get done. To get the most out of your experience in Tanzania, we recommend you immerse yourself in the culture and try to learn some Swahili while you are here! Equally important is that you prepare well for your trip: obtain a good understanding of the general history and current status of Tanzania and its conservation successes and challenges, in addition to the specifics of Mpimbwe, which you can read in English or Swahili.

  • To help to develop wildlife and tourism attractions database for the Mpimbwe WMA

  • Help to develop a growing network of libraries in local villages.

  • Monitor and identify wildlife inside the park and in the Wildlife Management area; this growing database will allow us to monitor the local wildlife population over time.

  • Help youth to develop new ideas in sustainable income generating activities.

  • Identify and map human-wildlife conflict events using GPS.


Being independent, adaptable, personable, willing to work hard and taking initiative is what we expect from you while on the project, finding ways to contribute rather than waiting to be asked. If you are so inspired, you will even be encouraged to develop your own small project(s) while in Tanzania, provided it is within the scope of our work and compatible with our mission. Volunteering with Landscape and Conservation Mentors (LCMO) represents a unique opportunity to gain experience working with community development projects in Western Tanzania. Your experience will be trustworthy, and your contribution will be meaningful.

There will also be a possibility for volunteers to participate in game drives in Katavi National Park. Katavi is the third largest park in Tanzania and represents one of the country’s most biologically rich and ecologically important regions. You can expect to closely observe elephant, lion, hippo, giraffe, zebra, impala, and sometimes leopard, as well as a great variety of birds and other small mammals.



Fee Structure:

7 Days


14 Days


1 Month


2 Months



Program fees cover your accommodation, local transportation, and food in the field. Please note that all of our facilities in the field are very basic, and higher-end accommodation can be arranged at additional cost. The above fees are negotiable. Volunteers are also responsible for airfare to and from Tanzania, travel visas, transfers and accommodation in Dar es Salaam, medical/evacuation insurance, and vaccinations. We ask that you please wait to submit your application materials until you are sure of your ability to cover these costs.

Field Work & Conditions:

Living conditions are basic. Electricity in moderate supply. Water for washing and cooking is obtained from the river by camp assistants. Drinking water is obtained from the safe deep well also bottled water.

Fieldwork and implementation takes place in remote rural villages throughout Mpimbwe (which since 2012 consists of both Mpimbwe and Mamba Divisions), in areas identified as most affected by lion killing and associated environmental problems. This will necessitate some nights staying away from the project base in Kibaoni in local guest houses or in tents.


Required Qualifications:

  • Interest in *wildlife conservation, *community development, and *environmental education

  • Interest in and respect for different cultures

  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken

  • Comfortable living in remote areas under very basic living conditions

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience traveling or working internationally, preferably in a developing nation.

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Application Process:

Send a resume and cover letter describing how you meet the qualifications listed above, the reason you are interested in this position, and the time commitment you can make (including rough dates of your availability) to info@lcmo.or.tz


Thank you for your interest in volunteering!